in the midnight hour


It is very late and I decided to take a quick photo of Shadow.  It is fuzzy.  Kind of like my brain at the moment. I made some red clay slip for the top half using some throwing slurry.  The new batch of terra sigillata shines up with little buffing.  I added some Duncan Cobalt Jet Black underglaze to make a charcoal gray.  It doesn't take much, but it settles down quickly.  So stirring is very important.  I use this commercial underglaze because it is very fine.  If I use a stain then I would need to ball mill the terra sigillata to keep the shine.  I do not own a ball mill (like a rock tumbler.)  This works for me.  It is fast and quiet.

Clanking sounds at midnight
tumbling porcelain balls
a yawn slips in



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