Slipping away in clay thoughts

"Have you noticed how often it happens that a really good idea -- the kind of idea that looks, as it approaches, like the explanation for everything about everything -- tends to hover near at hand when you are thinking hard about something quite different? There you are, halfway into a taxi, thinking about the condition of the cartilage in the right knee joint, and suddenly, with a whirring sound, in flies a new notion looking for a place to light. You'd better be sure you have a few bare spots, denuded of anything like thought, ready for its perching, or it will fly away into the dark."
Lewis Thomas from The Youngest Scientist

This piece is not finished yet.  It has a first layer of slip.  It is still damp.  I put on some color to get an idea of where a piece is going.  The first layer is fired on and acts as a foundation for the next layering of color.  It also helps me visualize where I want to take it and helps me remain connected to it.


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