little things in full circle

In a rush to get these in the kiln, small bits got lost or forgotten or misjudged.  Although small and seemingly insignificant, these small accents complete the piece.  The hanging basket on the far left figure needs more contrast against the dark body.  I had made it out of terra cotta and it is barely thimble-size.  I wanted it left bare and with a turquoise glaze inside.  I did remember to put holes in it as I intend to thread it with waxed linen twine so it would hang freely from the mitten hand.  So my options are:
  • add red glaze on outside of the bowl with a gold leaf interior
  • stain it with RIO with turquoise glaze (less contrast)
  • making another bowl out of porcelain and leaving it white  
The next piece turned out fine except I forgot the tiny yellow bird on the knee.  While I'm at it, I think I will add some crawl glaze to the ankles and darken the toes. It is hard to see the headdress, but I used a metallic black that came out silvery gray blue.  It is really lovely and shimmers like a crown. Luckily the head is separate so I will not put it back in the kiln and risk losing that shimmer. 

The far right piece is done and ready to go to the gallery.  Here it hangs on my studio wall, out of the way for now.  Checking out the rest of the clay mess. 



  1. What's that saying? - 'the devil is in the details' lol It's those little things that make us crazy -- but it's those little things that make your work so wonderful!
    I love these pieces!

  2. Thanks Judy
    I fired a bunch of little bees once and saw that only half had glossy glazed wings! I fretted most of the morning whether I liked them gloss glazed or not. Decided that the tiny wings looked beautiful--so shiny against the chalky body. Crazy is right :)


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