Wanderings and Wonderings

....your eyes widen from south to south,
your smile goes east and west;
 your feet can hardly be seen

and the sun takes pleasure
in dawning your hair.


Your face and body come from
hard places, as I do,


from rain washed rituals,
ancient lands and martyrs.

The Bio-Bio still sings in our bloodstained clay,
but brought from the forest
every secret scent,
and the way your profile has of shining
like a lost arrow,
an old warrior's medal......

Pablo Neruda
Autumn Testament 

Landscape.  That is where I have lived for the last several weeks.  Inside a landscape of wanderings and wonderings.*   (*A word that spell checker refuses to recognize, although I am sure it would recognize wax and poetic.)  Cultural landscapes. Geographical landscapes. Literary landscapes.  The list goes on.

And finally back to the figurative landscape.  How does a doll-like whimsical figure begin to interpret a sense of place? Where does it start?  And where does it ends?  How does a figure with a totemic quality symbolizes a sense of home and connection?

My words were hibernating.  I think I had a little frost-bite, too.  The only way to warm up was to go and wedge some clay.  And that was and still is the way for me to wake up, thaw out and get some work done.


  1. Neruda's words are so in-sync with your piece! And I love how you describe your sculpture as having the wisdom to interpret their own sense of time and place - no wonder they seem so correct in their landscape. Your interpretation of their needs connects us all.
    Have you moved into your new home yet?

    1. Hello Judy---
      The house is still under construction. Weather and working in MPST zone (Mendocino Pacific Slow Time or aka Mendo Time) has caused some delays. It is nearly done, though.

  2. Experiences from the life we live, and the previous lives we've lived, stay deep within us. If we are fortunate to be able to create, a little something of those lives comes through our hands - a spiritual heritage.
    What lies subconsciously, just out of reach, presents to our conscious self, if we be still and let it come through.
    Your work is a beautiful example of that.

    I think it starts from the heart - your heart, as you are the creator. And ends at home - their new home once they have been "found" by the right person.
    Each figure of yours calls to the one who will eventually find them - a connection through the ether. A spiritual connection.
    So, I think, A little of you speaks to something within another. Almost an ancient tribal connection.

    Hibernation is good. A time of deep thought. And from within, comes inspiration :)

    1. Thoughtful and clearly written-"a spiritual heritage." You have a beautiful way with words. Thank you, Vicki...
      I have more to think on as I wedge my clay. :)


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