Love is all you need and a little bit of clay

  “We love the things we love for what they are.” 
Robert Frost
white rabbit, white rabbit

"It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love."
John Lennon

“For love is exultant when it unites equals, but it is triumphant when it makes that which was unequal equal in love.”  
Soren Kierkegaard
Timekeeper's Crown and Fauna's Maquette ready for a high speed getaway
The last few days of June was some kind of wonderful. 

Love.  It's easy.

 And now for July...


  1. love the love quotes, and so nice to see so many of your sculptures and how you package them, white rabbit to you

    1. San Francisco was crazy busy with love over the weekend. It was such a great feeling. Even on Sunday, City Hall was marrying people! Happy July...

  2. YAY for love! Your pieces are wonderfully mysterious and whimsical and intriguing! Hope July is even more love-filled than June!

  3. Waaaa, I love the nose, the pink nose! Just as I imagined! I want to kiss it! I did! : D Thank you for a good peek!

    1. Hello Midori---You made it smile....Oh, that freckled pink nose is hard to's silky smooth, too.

  4. What a nice words, what a nice works... Me too, I love the pink nose of your rabbit :)
    Happy July !

  5. Hello! Happy July and thank you for your visit...more pink noses are in the works......

  6. Ahh Charlene. You truly are a magician! To pull such a beauty as this white rabbit out of your creative hat.

    That velvet rabbit's nose... superb. I doff my hat to you :)

    Your work here is a delight. Your characters are so full of life and depth. Layered with as much beauty, mystery and magic as the tales they have to tell.
    Again, I wish I had the opportunity to view them in person.

  7. Such kind words, thank you, Vicki. You are making my nose turn pink. And that's a lot of pink. :)


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