Packing and Shipping a Teapot

double boxing using egg cartons as firm cushions

2 foam sheets cut to size of inner box  one for bottom and one for top

firm but flexible foam sheet cut up and made into a box

checking to see that there is room for bubblewrap

when making this piece kept in mind that the lid would need to fit upside down for shipping

lid fits upside down, but a piece of paper towel was wrapped to keep it from rubbing

the piece is in there movement
in each corner rolled up bubblewrap inserted to make sure
fitted foam top taped down on inner box
two layers of big bubble wrap on top
the inside box is not moving at all
 ready to ship!
Pear Nest Teapot
Terra sigillata and glazes, wood stem
12" x 6" x 6"
This little teapot was accepted into the Big Fish Small Pot: Sixth International Small Teapot Competition and Show. This show is at the American Museum of Ceramic Arts in Pomono, California.  I rarely have a sculptural teapot left to enter into juried shows.  Mainly they go straight to a gallery and gather no moss.  So I purposely set this one aside to enter into this show.  With the kiln problems, computer problems, running up and down the coast, it didn't get done until the very last second.  With my photography equipment at the other house I had to use my little camera and a makeshift backdrop.  I quickly did a photo shoot in my dark walk-in closet with a LED tungsten flashlight.  That was fun.  Thank goodness I had cleared it out just before the New Year.  The photo I sent was worst than the one above.  Yikes.  I was feeling some embarrassment sending that jpeg.  As I confess this my cheeks are heating to a tin chrome red.


  1. But all worked out well in the end. And now, this beauty is on her way.
    She is going to wow everyone at the show!

    Fine job you did with packing, Charlene.
    I find it unnerving, and one of the reasons I don't sell online - so expensive and risk of breakage can be high.
    But, your excellent example gives me hope :)

    1. I have shipped even larger pieces with no damages so far. The key is to immobilize the piece and double box the bigger items. I tested this out years ago by packing a "seconds" piece and bounced it around--dropped it, etc. It was fun. And the "seconds" came out whole ;)

  2. oh she is beautiful and thanks for the packing photos, I am still amazed that your sculptures make it through the trail of mailing.

    1. Sometimes I do get nervous. I always keep in mind that my pieces will need to get moved a lot---into the kiln, out of the kiln, glazed and hopefully moved to a new place. Damages seem to happen in my studio than in shipping :)

  3. How brilliant of you to use egg boxes! : ) You always do everything so neatly! : ) Thank you for sharing!

    I do lots of packing for my online shop. I use boxes with double-box infills for smaller pieces. They are similar to what you have made here, in effect. I found packing mental challenges, just like puzzles. If I have to do it, I enjoy it! :D

    1. Yes, cheaper than foam peanuts (free), lightweight and biodegradable ;) I love puzzles.

  4. Beautiful pack-job and using the entire egg carton is brilliant. This teapot is going to WOW at the show.
    You had me laughing at the visual - you in the dark closet, little camera, bright lights and Ms. Pear -- hahaha! A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do!

    1. You got that right ;) Although I think Ms. Pear hates her picture. It's like getting a driver's license pix or a passport picture. Yikes, it makes me cringe! Still it was better to take a chance. Now she can party with 99 fellow teapots!

  5. Hello, Charlene, your tea pot is fabulous and wonderfully original, and I love the rich colours you've used on her. I hope the piece has arrived safely, and thanks for the egg box idea, I will use that in future. :) It's yet another challenging aspect of ceramics, but it is rather gratifying, producing a neat, well packed parcel to post off.

    1. Hello Mark, thank you for the lovely words. The piece did arrive safely. And it is gratifying to see how the package looks respectful for its trip to Southern California!

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