Finding a Home in Clay

This piece originally had a squirrel, but I had a dream about a fox.  In the early morning I made this little fox and replaced the squirrel. Then I had to replace the head.  The face didn't look right.  Didn't feel right. New arms were made.  It was necessary.  Only the original torso/legs remained.  I saved the discarded arms, head and squirrel in a damp box.  I still have something in mind for them.  It was just I had to do this. I had to get this one done now I thought.  It was a last minute piece. 

As Fox Stories dried on the deck I noticed the pattern of dappled light.  It looked as though there were clouds and blue skies across the torso. I wanted to capture a sense of time and place. Of a summer day, of woods and fields.  Of home and connection. 

Fox Stories 
(from series: Seeking Shelter, Finding Home)
 12" x 5" x 3"
Ceramic, multi-fired
terra sigillata, slips, glazes, round head iron pins

The person who bought this piece told me what inspired her to take Fox Stories home.  She had seen a news clip about a woman who found a pup in a nearby wooded area.  This woman thought it was a dog abandoned, hurt and left to starve.  She took it home and gave it care.  Fed this orphan food and love.  Turns out it was not a dog after all, but a fox!  This news clip interested the art lover.  When she saw Fox Stories she had to have it. She felt a connection. I told her about how this piece came about, its story of making and how it changed.  How a fox came to me in a dream. Two stories and a little fox.  One of needing shelter and another of finding home.

wild asters and sea grasses


  1. I can't even begin to express how connected to this beautiful creature I feel. So happy Fox Stories has a home, and am even a little envious of the buyer.

    I too have had foxes on my mind lately. I heard one calling that distinctive bark just the other night, as he/she ran along the creek bank.
    Have thought about creating one, seeing who might appear from a lump of clay.
    I have long admired the wonderful bohemian Australian, Vali Myers - artist, visionary, animal activist, muse.
    Her story is/was fascinating. A roller coaster life.
    She found a baby fox, starving, by her dead mother. Vali cared for the young vixen, called her Foxy. Their incredible bond lasted 15 years.
    Vali created a sanctuary for animals on a hillside in Italy. Every cent from her wild, haunting, surreal, totemic art paid to keep her sanctuary going.

    I'm sure Vali would have loved your Fox Stories. It touches the heart so.

    1. Oh, Vicki thank you for telling me of artist Vali Myers and her sanctuary. I love hearing these stories. It makes me happy that a bit of clay can invoke such good feelings and memories. Through art I get to hear of other's wonderment, kindness and depth of spirit that nourishes this reclusive maker of small things.

  2. what a great story, a fox that looked like a dog and someone to take care of him, your house turned out great

    1. Having a fox visit one in a dream is a very fortunate and inspiring thing, but to save one...yes, it is a great story.
      We love our little PS house. The photo is of the south side which no one can see unless they walk through the meadow and turn around.

  3. I love everything about this piece and this story. The fox can be such a trickster - but his wisdom also teaches quick thinking and adaptability - which certainly happened with your piece. But the real wonderful part is you listened to that (spirit) fox and the right connections were made and the foxes found their homes.

    1. My thoughts are noisy sometimes, there are many distractions with every day life's needs and wants...safer for a fox to visit me in my dreams where I can give it my full attention.

  4. This is the third time I've read this post. Whenever I saw her, I was enthralled by her. Just like Judy I love everything about this piece and this lovely story. I especially like the clouds and blue skies across the torso. I wish I could see her in person!

  5. This piece nearly didn't get to the gallery as I wanted to keep it. Somehow I knew it had to go. I wouldn't have heard this amazing story or met this amazing art collector. I wish you could have seen her in person, too. Your words do me good and makes me smile. thank you.......


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