Porcelain Raindrops

"Last night
the rain
spoke to me
slowly, saying,
what joy
to come falling
out of the brisk cloud,
to be happy again
in a new way
on the earth!"

Mary Oliver

Lately I have spent my days working quietly and quickly, moving from one project to another.  Many things have happened and many things not.  I did, however, managed to do a little throwing of cups and bowls.  And drops. Wheel-thrown porcelain drops.  All the while wishing for a little rain.

With water, porcelain and a spinning wheel I made rain drops, then snow drops and finally a few tear drops.  They all look the same, I know.  They are little prayers for rain. Dreams and wishes for a wet winter. It's the context and in certain moments, the content that changes.

Lots of little prayers, little wishes and little dreams coming true....


  1. I am sure your drops helped bring all the rain, feast or famine but at least the West is finally getting some rain, so happy for you all out there

  2. Yes, we tend to get it all at once. But no complaints here! My drops of rain have bits of porcelain in them so they "tinkle" (tee hee) when shaken. They are all sold, too. There's a lot of stormy tinkling going on now ;) Thanks, Linda.

  3. Love the poetry of your drops - rain, tears or snow but with their 'tinkling', I'll bet they mostly bring smiles. I'm intrigued by your etched bowls too. Is this new for you? Always like black on white - classic.
    Hope your holidays are filled with laughter!

    1. I blogged about sgraffito couple years ago--there's a menu bar on right---check out label "sgraffito."
      I do these in the summer for the upcoming holiday markets and sometimes don't get around photographing them. This year I only had time to do cups and bowls. They are pretty much free-hand sketching. Thank you, Judy---joy to you and your family!


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