One cup at a time


I am working with Frost Porcelain that fires white at cone 5. It continues to entice me with its translucence charm and white porcelain smile.   It is a shameless, taunting clay.  Prone to s-cracks, it likes to try out any other letters in the alphabet to keep things frustrating and unique.   It needs   s  l  o  w  and careful drying.  Timing is everything.  Even firing needs careful attention. In a sense, it is an adventure for me.  Filled with danger and daring.  To use such a clay with so many negatives and yet...when it comes out the kiln, shiny bright with no charms all over again...and makes me ready for another adventure...

looking out the studio window

Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, 
the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.  
Maya Angelou


  1. love the couple in the window; tried that Frost in the past, very careful drying and don't leave it in a draft.

    1. It also likes to stay throwing large forms. I use a different porcelain body for sculptural forms.


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