Ceramic Balance


Starting off 2018 by making owls.  This winter season, we had Great Horned Owls nesting in the old ravens' nest. Early, before sunrise, we could hear their hooting.  Love calls.  Not sure if they were successful as the nest is about 80' up and even with binoculars hard to see.

Trying out different commercial clay bodies.  I am actually liking a red sculpture mix Toki from Leslie's Ceramics. Builds up quickly, holds its shape and has a soft smoothing, harmonious quality.

not finished yet
The owls are Hagi Porcelain and B-mix with grog.  The B-mix with grog is not the best for carving. It is more a pottery clay.  Better to press in texture when leather-hard.  The Hagi is nicer for carving, but I want to build a 24" tall owl next and don't think it will hold up.  Trying to get a nice mix, a balance.

The stumps are bases for garden totems, but somehow B-Mix owl landed on it.  I am making more totems this year just for my garden (for the deer to admire ;) and one for a charity event in spring. I am enjoying making the forms, mainly ovals, spheres and cylinders. They are blank canvases at the moment.  The more I make, the more I want to stack and re-stack.  Then I want to carve and texture and stamp.  Now I want to make more complex forms.

We love to hike over to the beach and stack rocks.  Concentration needed. Careful consideration. Patience. Keep an eye on the ocean. A give and take. It is all the matter of balance.

balancing rocks on MacKerricher beach

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. 
Maya Angelou


  1. glad to see you back to blogging, I liked IMCO Navajo Wheel when I was in CA and used it traveling in my motorhome but lots of grog in it, love the color though, perhaps they have a smooth version; forget which white clay I used of theirs.

  2. My mainstay clay is IMCO 50/50 a combo of Navajo Wheel and 412 Sculpture. Smooth and plastic. Just like trying new clay bodies😊.

  3. Hi Charlene!! Been missing your voice & work. Owls are wonderful - we have them on our property -- they 'talk' in the early evening. They are shy. I've only glimpsed them a couple of times. Your owl, totems and bird and cairn - beautifully balanced . . .

  4. It is good to hear your voice, too, Judy. You always bring joy to my day.


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