Getting ready for their first firing. 

Once there were bees and thistles
Anna's Haven
Again and Again
fox and bird:  in my humble opinion

this one just completed:  Weighing of Balance

Working out hand position---trying to understand how to make the fingers fan out as branches to cover one eye.  Sketching and Erasing with clay. I will do the hand after I get the head situated. 


Today started out with sunshine and now, a few hours later, the fog with its misty ways has drifted over the trees, onto the meadow.  It is hard to get any work done as it is so much easier to drift along with it.  So I will pause a moment or two to soak in its beauty.


  1. Amazing work as always and I really enjoy seeing some of your process. Great visual of the fog rolling in and you disappearing in the mist. Must be such a magical place to live.

    1. Hello Judy! I do love living here, rain or shine or fog. Which we can get all in one morning. Ever-changing and each day brings a new story to read.


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