bad haiku day


Some mornings I wake up groggy.  Maybe it's my body's response to a foggy morning.  I will try writing a half poem/ half haiku:

gray morning grogginess wakens me
eyes heavy with forgotten dreams  
glasses sit on night stand
out of reach

At least I tried.   

Lucky Fellow is in the kiln today.  Which means I can not work on my two clay figurines.  I finally got the arms and removable head on Sock Puppet.  Next step is terra sigillata, porcelain slip and a little detailing.  She will have a brush ponytail after all is said and done.  I got arms on Globe and Cup, too.  I make the heads separately as the figurines are too tall for my kiln.  The heads will be epoxied on last.  My in-house art critic, Herr Reinhart, thinks Sock Puppet looks a little stuck-up.  Well, maybe stuck-on....

Headless but not thoughtless


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