Amaryllis and the Moth

This morning I decided that I needed to do a little housework.  Mainly to warm up my hands.  When there is no fog it gets cold.  It is hard to do anything.  After a while, with the winter sun beaming thru my window, tea sounded so good.  Maybe a little knitting before I get down the knitty gritty clay work.  So I was relaxing, sipping genmai tea, steeped in my favorite ceramic teapot, surrounded by yarn when I heard this little fluttering by the fireplace.  Lo and Behold, a small ochre colored moth!  How it came to be in my house of wool, I wondered.  I picked it up and put it in a glass globe I have planted with bulbs,succulents, candy canes (don't ask), gravel, and water.  The first thing it does is take a sip of water.  While photographing this little moth, I realized that the amaryllis looked amazing, too.  So I took its photo, too.  There's a story in all this somewhere.  Maybe.


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