Consider the lilies.....

Scrap press board with two 2x2 strips nailed on-wrap canvas around tight-staple

Nicely used top-stains from different projects

tools needed

again a better photo
close up of calla--calla made by me and painted by artist Michele Petherick

slab of white stoneware-cut straight from block of clay

better photo---the shadow bars are from the trellis over the deck

more tools-the red Mudtool is perfect for smoothing out canvas imprints
stem and spadix (pointy end)

the end of a paintbrush is a perfect texture tool--use brush end by pouncing to get little holes

free hand cutting the spathe

beveling edge-later will run a chamois over the edge

preparing to wrap the spathe around the spadix--spathe is soft leather hard--still pliable for wrapping but not floppy

adding very little slip at base-wrap spathe around stem

this is all still very soft so gently squeeze the spathe to adhere to spadix--additional details add later

use props of clay to keep the calla from flattening--let dry for a little while---check on it and keep it suspended--sometimes I use a blow dryer to gently dry it to form

in the meanwhile I made a fern frond


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