The earth laughs in flowers.

e.e. cummings

It was time to take time to see the sea pinks.  To see the deep, saturated hues of spring along the coast.  To breathe in the ocean air. To watch the sun set and wait till it went all the way down.  Wait as everyone walked away, turned away towards their cars, to their hotel rooms, to their campsites.  And there came the glow, through the haze on the horizon line.  Pinks, blushing the passing clouds.  Then some golds warming my heart.  Finally the violets in their silent hue. 

The Pacific Coast Irises are blooming, too.  We have quite a few flowering near the redwoods inside our property line along with tiny yellow violets and some poppies.  The huckleberry bushes are nice and thick from all the rain.  

 bluff by Pudding Creek Bridge, Ft. Bragg, California


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