Putting clay parts together again

    Sometimes art works that way.  It appears unexpectedly.  It doesn't arrive through the front door.  It sneaks in the back, the more startling for being the result of dumb luck.                               ~Michael Kimmelman from The Accidental Masterpiece:  On the Art of Life and Vice Versa



fired once and now adding underglazes
Layering colors
making sure that the woodpecker sits on the head right 

It was time to work on some pieces that went through their first firing.  Gathering all the parts, I had to make sure everything fit.   The pieces don't have that same satin finish as leatherhard clay.  So the richness is gone.  The relationship between what was the piece before it went through the kiln and now has taken a different direction.  I know what I meant to do as I began with the piece, but sometimes, once bisqued it takes me on a different path.  I actually meant for this piece to have the appearance of an aspen tree.  I am working on the thought of invasive species. While I tried this it just didn't look right.  I think I will still keep this in mind for another piece. I decided to change the appearance -- with the arms looking like a tree trunk and the legs more like charcoal.  The torso will remain in this atmospheric foggy coloring.  I was going to use the little pouch and glaze it red.  The red will need to go through a lower firing.  That may or may not happen at this point.  This piece is now firing to cone 06 to set the underglaze.  I will add some stain and adjust any coloring that's not right.  Add some texture glazes and fire it again to cone 03.  In the meanwhile, I have another piece to work on!    


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