A very quiet little happy dance!

 Two pieces were accepted into Visions in Clay by juror Joe Bova.  He also awarded second place to Behind Blue Eyes.  In his Juror's Statement he writes of why he chose this piece to receive an award. 

"Pathos is the dominant evocation in Charlene Doiron’s work. She has used facial expression to engage the viewer’s emotional responses. Of the three artistic/literary/rhetoric devices, ethos, logos and pathos, it is my opinion that pathos resonates the most with the viewer. It elicits empathetic responses and stirs the viewer’s imagination to examine their own experiences and to identify with the work before them. Doiron’s work is an excellent example of the power of quiet work."  Joe Bova

 I am very humbled and honored to have my work in this show that I am lost for words.
  Trust me, I am very pink right now and hiding behind my un-blue eyes...


  1. Oh Charlene what a wonderful honor. I'm not at all surprised though! Joe's description of your work allowing the viewer to identify with the piece is exactly right. And I love how he says 'the power of quiet work' -

  2. Thank you, Judy, for your thoughtful words. I've admired Joe Bova's work for many years and from the accepted list there are many artist's names I recognized and also admire their work. I am happy and honored just to be included in this show. I was greatly surprised over the cash award. I will put it in my studio fund for future good use.

  3. Hello, Charlene. Many congratulations on the award, it is richly deserved. Both pieces are incredibly beautiful, and I would love to be able to contemplate them quietly in real life too.

    1. Hello, Mark. Thank you for your lovely compliments. I was just happy to get into the show!


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