Top of the Morning Ears

 Ears too tall to fit in kiln!
  Built up first
then cut at leatherhard
at an angle

Looks very pensive without ears

ears hat?
after first firing
This fauna isn't done yet.  I need to do some washes on it and fire it again. That should do it.  I will then attach the ears permanently using a bonding product and fill in any gaps. It will look like an ear cap.


  1. Fabulous piece! - a magical creature from deep in the woods . . .

  2. Oh she is so whimsical and intriguing. I am amazed at how you separate the pieces and fire them. What type of bonding product do you use after firing? I have used two part epoxy but had been advised this can become brittle with age. I have used GE Silicon II for glass on glass and had it outside for years to no ill effects but have not tried that on clay.

  3. I like her eyes and human ears. Of course I always like rabbits. I would love to see her cute nose, too! ; )

    1. I think pinkish-burnt sienna around the nose? Maybe a washy gray? When I get the other one out of the kiln I will decide :)

  4. Magical, mystical bunny! She is a story waiting to be told. A story I would love to know.

    You "do" rabbits SO well Charlene!
    I love rabbits - my Chinese Zodiac animal - so I'm always excited when you create these wonderful creatures :)


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