Give me shelter and a little room for clay

Right after I unloaded the kiln and took back-dropped photos of the two pieces, we were off for a week at the P.S. House (passive solar.)  I had been rushing around trying to pack, take photos of completed work, wrap up drying work, ship work, get the Jeep tuned-up, etc.  I was tired, anxious and wanting to finish up some pieces left mid-way. It would have to wait.  Besides, I thought, some time out of my tiny studio would give me a little perspective.
main work area on left with kiln room and clay storage far right
Once we got to the north coast Herr wanted to lay out the new studio.  I just wanted to wander on the coastal bluffs looking for blue-eyed grass and sea pinks. To bike out to the closed Old Haul Rd which runs alongside some pretty spectacular ocean front.  I knew it was the only way to forget, for a while, what I left undone in my garage studio by the bay.  In the end, we did a little of all.  A little room for clay, a little room for work.  Best of all---a little room for play.

My studio at its best and worst---messy.  The above photo was taken just before I loaded Menagerie in the kiln for its last firing.  There is another piece, Cairn, already in the kiln.
nearly done Shelter waiting for my return


  1. time away from the studio always helps me.

    oh I just don't think I could leave anything undone but I did that with my lantern and it all worked out amazingly. I love the shot of your studio at it's best and worst, now I don't feel so bad the way mine gets sometimes. My Gary can't understand how I can work with all that stuff lying about, but I just know you completely understand it. Oh I was needing a fix at the water so we're in florida for a short time. enjoy your time there.

    the pieces which are waiting, are they already bisque fired? or do you leave some as greenware?

    I must go back and see if I can enlarge your studio plan. have a good one

  2. I spray/wrapped the unfinished green-ware sculptural pieces and smaller pieces go into a damp boxes while I am away. When I worked at the nearby college sometimes a month would go by until I could get back to undone pieces. I found I could keep the pieces damp at least a month.

  3. Your PS house and environment sound fabulous - the ocean and bike trails, grasses - total renewal for your return to your studio and waiting pieces. Uncovering them will be like seeing an old friend.
    When will you build your new studio at the PS house? Will you eventually live there full-time?

    1. Have clay will travel! You are right about them being old friends. They are happier now with heads attached and eyes painted.

      We are moving permanently to the PS house next year. We are building the studio during the summer and fall, My requirements are few---clay (earth), bucket (water), kiln (fire) and quiet (air.) I just need walls around them. And a roof. And some windows. Maybe some sturdy tables. Oh, shelves...

  4. I LOVE your studio, Charlene. It's not messy to me - it's a working studio. WIP's says "artist at work". Love it.
    We can have simple, peaceful, minimal homes, but I think a "messy" studio is perfect - creative chaos.

    Your creations seem to be in a state of pensive suspension, as they await your return.

    Wandering coastal bluffs and cycling along the ocean sounds idyllic - lucky, lucky you!

    And, of course your new studio will comprise of the essential four elements. The fifth element - spirit - will come as you and clay combine, to give life, and make it all whole.

  5. You always make me smile, Vicki. My studio is cleaned up now. I always start clean and tidy---end up messy. When I have so many pieces in different stages of completion it can get chaotic. I do love that you mentioned the fifth element---how could I forget the most important aspect in a studio! Thank you for reminding me.

  6. How exciting to have such a lovely studio! I envy! : )


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