When is a Rabbit not a Fox?

Herr said, "But that's a fox not a rabbit" when he peeked at the above jpeg.  But life in my studio is just like that---sometimes things happen along the way and rabbits become foxes. Just like a good quirky folk tale.
Charlene Doiron Reinhart

A Fox with Eight Calla Lilies
16"  x 6" x 4"
Earthenware, terra sigillata, engobes


  1. my mom grew calla lilies in vallejo when we lived there when I was in junior high and they always remind me of her and her love of gardening. I like how she is just grasping up the flowers and the fox.

  2. They must have been beautiful. Vallejo gets more summer heat than here in the Bay Area.
    My callas only bloom in spring and by June stop because of "June Gloom" weather---cool and foggy---like it is today.

  3. You know quirky things happen in my studio all the time, too -) I think it happens while I'm sleeping . . .
    Love this piece - I wonder if she knows she grabbed the fox when she grabbed the callas -- and that sneaky fox looks like he's trying to hide among the callas -- just what is his story??

  4. I think your wonder-filled paintings and my little quirky figures are in contact with each other while we sleep!
    Foxes in Japanese Folklore are shape-shifters---mainly shape shift into women. The more tails, the more wise.
    I think of it as "tales." The more tales, the wiser. :)


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