Lino Block Clay Tile and Honking Geese

The fruits are all done and off to the various markets, I was at a lost.  It's all that hurry up and get it done.  Pack and ship. What is the deadline date?  Get it there before first, second, third Friday (or Saturday) art walk.  Inventory lists and contracts in order. Checking that every piece is perfect, polished and tagged. Carefully wrapping and boxing.  Delivering.  All done now. Finished for the year.
last of this season's persimmons on porcelain tile
postcard size lino block and old, trusty cutter
some freehand penciling and then carve deep
stamped porcelain slab--takes a bit of muscle and a mallet
add some washy orange and green---cover with satin transparent

add one persimmon
sign back of tile
I sat  in my very messy studio with a few rejected and blemished ceramic pieces wondering what to do next. Outside I heard geese flying over head, squawking and honking, heading towards the verdant lawns of Chabot College. It made me laugh. Every day they fly by.  I've been so busy that I had not noticed.  I had not heard.  So I listened and knew what to do next.  I said, "Thank you."

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thorton Wilder 



  1. I can't believe you take a mallet to the tile, love the softness of the leaves against the white background. Nature always rewards whenever I happen to take notice.

    1. Hello, Linda---
      I really wanted to get that indentation. The lino is on a thick wood block. In order to get a good "print" I had to take a rubber mallet and lightly tap all around.

  2. Sometimes, messages come from the most unexpected sources.

    Love your pretty porcelain tile - and the persimmon upon it :)

    1. "Nothing on earth lacks a voice:
      when we close
      our eyes
      we hear ....."
      Pablo Neruda
      from "Ode to peace and quiet"

      The geese honk so triumphantly. They are by no means quiet. They herald their way back and forth between the bay shore and salt marshes. And if anyone watches, the pelicans quietly follow behind them.


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