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Inner Nature Series:  Thinking Cap?
 It's the Lunar New Year of the Sheep or Ram! 
(There is a general confusion---but all the signs in Chinatown depict Rams and yes, with a capital R.  I suppose they are stronger looking in their masculine way.)

I have a bunch of things done and heading for the kilns.  So much more to do, but I will return to this blog by next week.  After I get some noodles and oranges.  And more clay.....

Happy Lunar New Year!


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  2. I saw two comments so I deleted one and now there are none, a forest is a good thinking cap; we've been eating "little cuties' mandarin oranges, I hope the lunar new year changes the weather to warmer, perhaps the rams are mountain sheep, do they have horns ?

    1. Hello Linda---Sheep or Ram---it is a lost in translation sort of thing. It is fun around here in the Bay Area---this year's lunar new year animal is depicted as wooly sheep or a huge, proud mountain ram in the various venues! I wish I could send you some of our warm weather in exchange for rain or a little snow.

  3. Happy Lunar New Year, Charlene.

    I was told this is also the year of the Goat - is this correct?
    I hope so. Next to dogs, goats are my favourite animal.

    I like the sneak peek.
    Below the earth's surface is a giant network of thoughts, ideas and emotions...

  4. Depends on translation. It is more of a grouping of animals word. We say canine for dogs or wolves. Something like that. The Chinatowns around here are depicting a does looks more like a big, strong mountain goat. Some have big wooly sheep. We have a neighbor who rents out his goats to graze the grassy control patrol! They have such wonderful character...they always run over to the fence line to check me out and say hello.


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