Thursday, June 5, 2014

Give me shelter and a little room for clay

Right after I unloaded the kiln and took back-dropped photos of the two pieces, we were off for a week at the P.S. House (passive solar.)  I had been rushing around trying to pack, take photos of completed work, wrap up drying work, ship work, get the Jeep tuned-up, etc.  I was tired, anxious and wanting to finish up some pieces left mid-way. It would have to wait.  Besides, I thought, some time out of my tiny studio would give me a little perspective.
main work area on left with kiln room and clay storage far right
Once we got to the north coast Herr wanted to lay out the new studio.  I just wanted to wander on the coastal bluffs looking for blue-eyed grass and sea pinks. To bike out to the closed Old Haul Rd which runs alongside some pretty spectacular ocean front.  I knew it was the only way to forget, for a while, what I left undone in my garage studio by the bay.  In the end, we did a little of all.  A little room for clay, a little room for work.  Best of all---a little room for play.

My studio at its best and worst---messy.  The above photo was taken just before I loaded Menagerie in the kiln for its last firing.  There is another piece, Cairn, already in the kiln.
nearly done Shelter waiting for my return

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