Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ceramics on hold


Right now I should get ready for paycheck job.  I need to spritz all in progress/process pieces.  Then clean up and make a lunch.  So there isn't much to post.  Last year at this time I was getting ready for my trip to Montreal and Quebec.  I had such a wonderful time there and inspired me in many ways.  Sometimes a trip is all you need to get the creative juices going. Well, this little worker is off to paycheck job....

Monday, August 16, 2010

quietly, quietly

Just before the sun rises there is a small silence.  Quietly, quietly between the earth and sky there is no wind.  No trees rustling, no birds chirping, no planes going overhead.   In less than a second everything is still.  Only a breath of cold air touch my cheeks.  Silence.  Then everything starts again.

Chaco Canyon

I have plans to work on some figs and persimmons this week.  I only have time to do a few as I return to a paycheck job.  It is really difficult to work on the larger pieces during this time so I will make smaller pieces.  Let's see how many are completed by Thursday.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Walking out to the ocean

Abbots Lagoon, Pt. Reyes  

If you look out at the horizon there is the Pacific Ocean.  I love this little bridge as much as I like walking out to it.  Fog, mist, rain, sun, wind---it doesn't matter, it is always beautiful. 

I have been thinking about all the little bridges I have walked across in all the various places.  I realize how much I like to lean over and look at the water.  I always try to spy minnows and the like.  Often after looking for a while they suddenly seem to appear.  Even though they were always there.  Your eyes have to adjust.  You have to concentrate and really desire to see them.  You have to have patience.  You have to have wonder in your heart.  And then you see.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heathers at Mendocino County Botanical Gardens

Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?  Can one really explain this?  No.  ~Pablo Picasso

Tomorrow I am delivering a donated piece, Between, for the Pence Gallery's Silent Auction.  It is a smaller piece that I showed at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art.   This was in December 2009.  I am considering another piece that hangs on the wall called Astigmata.  It is hard to see in the photo, but there is text.  This was part of the series of and you shall find.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eyes have it but don't forget to smile

Eyes are on the agenda today.  Eyes take time.  I may do the eyes over and over and over.  They have to fit what the mouth is saying.  I love quirky grins.  Smiles of dark humor.  Silent lips.  When I get to the eyes that can change the whole feeling of the face.  If I had a certain eye shape I wanted to do it may not work.  The piece doesn't speak to me.  It is always the eyes I change.  Never the mouth.  If I change the eyes, the emotive quality changes a smirk into a pensive smile.  It can make such a difference. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gilding the goldfish

Last Friday I finished up a small head for Globe.  I also did a small whimsical wall-hanging.  A sweet-faced llama with a riding rabbit holding a fishing rod and goldfish.  It is all very silly.  The llama has socks (alpaca) and I think some polka dots. The bunny will be gray and the goldfish I will gild with real 24 kt gold-leaf.  The fish is after all just 1/2 inch long!  I am gilding a hat for Middle Child. If I do both at the same time I can use the bits I brush off the hat onto the goldfish. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer blues with porcelain eyes

Mono Lake
Morning fog lifts
cloudless sky reveals
summer blues

As per usual for summer, it was a quiet foggy morning which lifted completely by 11 a.m. Today I worked on a face for Globe & Cup.  I have neglected it.  There it stood in the studio with no head.  For days.  Headless and heedless.  Sock Puppet had its head, proudly slipped and stained.  Looking over at Globe with a self-satisfied air, Sock Puppet reminded me that her narrative needs a little help. 

The face is close to finished.  At this point the clay is still too soft for fine tuning.  I will let it set up a little to about a medium leather-hard.  I will then use a fine blade tool to shave and smooth the features.  The eyes were made with some porcelain clay.  Closing up the head comes next.  Once everything is looking as I like then I will brush on a layer of terra sigillata, bluff with a plastic bag and add watery stains.  Globe will get her head on tight and stare back at Sock

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bread dough morning

Last night I made no-knead bread dough.  I left it to rise in a ceramic bowl I made years ago.  I think it rises higher in this bowl than in does in the Pyrex bowl I broke.  It certainly proof nicely. Maybe that was why my Pyrex bowl broke.  It had nothing to do with clumsiness!  Fate had it for me to use this dismissed ceramic bowl.  Even though this is a no-knead dough, my clay brain said to knead this wet mess a little.  I love kneading bread dough!


Tonight's dinner will include this loaf of chewy, rustic goodness.  Along with some homemade pasta, mushroom ravioli, I froze last week.  I will chop up tomatoes from the backyard to make a sauce.  Flavored with fresh herbs and olive oil.  Yummy.  Herr Reinhart will practically swoon when he gets home.  He loves the smell of fresh bread which lingers all day long. 


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clay Times

Cruel Cut was accepted to A New Decade of Clay: 2010, presented by Clay Times.   I was surprised to get the email this morning.  The exhibit will be held at Northstar Resort outside of Truckee in the Sierra Nevada in September!  I love Truckee, too.  It's so beautiful!  Maybe that explains the snow-capped mountain dream I had the other night. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Slipping away in porcelain milk

early morning meadow walk at Big Trees State Park

Last night I dreamed of snow-capped mountains and faraway places.   Meadows and misty mornings.  Well, I did wake to a misty morning. 

Today I will make some emergency patch slip.  It's like Lana Wilson's Magic Water.  The trick is the paper and sodium silicate.  It wouldn't be Tricky Patch without tp though.

      Tricky Patch
      1 cup of dried crushed clay body (or slurry)
      2 squares of toilet paper shredded
      1/2 cup water
      Blend until smooth.  Add 1/4 teaspoon sodium silicate.  Stir.

Monday, August 2, 2010

underglazing thoughts

Started working on Sock Puppet's head this afternoon with a fine brush and a careful hand.  This piece will get a full coat of porcelain slip, underglaze, rutile, some sanding, etc.  Then into the kiln for a cone 04 firing.  When it comes out it will then get more underglaze, crawl glaze and selected areas of clear glaze.

It seems very quiet today.  It's always quiet here, but it feels like a hush. As if the day said hush and is quietly waiting.  Waiting for what only time will tell.

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