Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glaze tests

Porcelain bowl bisqued cone 04.  Inside dipped Chun Lt. Green.  Outside dipped GA23 (Rusty Bronze).  Rim dipped into Chun Lt. Green.  Just very edge.  Anything on top of GA 23 will run.

Porcelain vase dipped in GA 23 (Rusty Bronze)  and center area sprayed with copper carbonate stain.  It has a look of frothing root beer when it pools. 
Beautiful pale blue-green Chun with .1 cobalt carbonate on porcelain. 
 Brush work---Duncan Cobalt Jet Black.  
Red "x"  is Amaco Velvet Bright Red on top of glaze.  
All in cone 6 oxidation.

GA 23-Rusty Bronze Δ6             Pale Blue Green Chun  Δ5-6 ox 

Nepheline syenite     41.8        Soda feldspar (f-4)         38
Gerstley borate       10.4        Silica  (325)               30
EPK kaolin            12.5        Whiting                     14
Whiting               10.4        Zinc Oxide                  12
Lithium carbonate      6.2        Ball clay (OM4)              6
Silica (325)          12.5                                   100
Titantium dioxide      6.2
Add:  3% red iron oxide           Add:  .25%  copper carbonate

Monday, May 21, 2012

A glazing ring of fire

 Yeah, we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun......John Lennon

Yesterday we viewed the Annular Solar Eclipse.  No fog!  Last time we had an annular solar eclipse that we could view from our own backyard was in 1992.  There was no fog and if I recall it was more the middle of the day.  This time it was in the evening.  Not a cloud in the sky, too.  As it began, the wind actually died down as if holding its breath.  The seagulls came in soundlessly circling.  More came in and joined the circling.  This only happens when there is a storm coming in and the skies darken.  And they don't circle as if they are dancing and they aren't usually so quiet.  As the moon covered the sun's face they were all gone and the sparrows stopped their chattering. It looked as though someone put a round fan on the sun's face.  Only the a rim of light, but still so eerily radiant. 
Today it is foggy.  It's as though the sun is saying--so there!  Or maybe it's the fog saying--so there!

I am having fun with porcelain and a few glazes.  I found this chun glaze works the best on porcelain.  The outside is GA 23 satin glaze.  The rim is a chun glaze with .5 copper carbonate as well as the inside. 

The outside of this espresso size porcelain cup is chun, inside GA 23 Rusty Bronze.  I brushed on some Western Sea Moss (a commercial glaze) just on the outside rim area about 1/2".  The GA 23 glaze is not something I put inside functional ware.  Only outside.  So far my best results using GA 23 have been on porcelain or B-Mix cone 5.

All done electric fire to cone 6.  
GA 23 glaze recipe from Michael Bailey's Glazes Cone 6.  Chun Clear is a recipe I found years ago online attributed to Leah Leitson.  If anyone would like the recipes I will post them next time....

Love is a burning thing---it makes a fiery ring---bound by my wild desire---I fell into the ring of fire
Johnny Cash

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Weight of Clay

Pendulum (Weight of Clay) 
Coil-built ceramic, porcelain parts, multi-fired with slips, glazes, waxed linen twine
25” x 5” x 3.5”

Part of the interaction for the viewer is the intimacy of having to come right up to it and look up under to see the eyes.  The gallery did a beautiful job installing it higher so it looks suspended and mysteriously gazing downward.

This is one of the pieces that was hard to photograph.  It looks so different hanging up.  I had to build it on a flat surface. Then it was cut in pieces to get into the kiln.  I decided to leave all the cut lines apparent.  Once everything was epoxied and set I was able to work on the clay pendulum.   While building this piece I thought the pendulum should fall just below the knees.  Once the piece was on the wall, it took on a different feel.   I realized that the pendulum needed to fall below the feet.  More of a balancing act feeling. A feeling of the give and take of process. Of contemplation.  Time suspended. Holding onto something with that lump of clay.  Many possibilities, many little stories threaded together.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sticks, Stones, Clay and Glass

too tall for kiln, head cut and flange added, greenware with terra sigillata

getting ready for second firing, thin wash of RIO and rutile around face
inside cache more pebbles, twigs and egg  made with porcelain, fired separately and then epoxied
Sometimes it is tricky getting the glazes to do what you want them to do without affecting the other surface treatments.  Although I wanted more green on the arms and I knew I could re-fire, I decided that it would fade out the chemise.  It is hard to see, but the chemise is done in terra sigillata and porcelain slip in gray, blue, turquoise and pinks. It has an atmospheric look---a foggy day appearance.  Sometimes when I walk out on the shoreline on a foggy morning the rising sun turns it pinkish gray.  It has this surreal feeling.  The ochre coloring of the twiggy arms and hands makes a raw and harsh contrast.  Perhaps it is appropriate for the feeling of this piece. I decided that it was enough firing and allow it to be whatever it wants to be. 

This weekend!  Lots of beautiful art!  This town is the gateway to the famous Anderson Valley!
Great wine tasting all over this town and art everywhere. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To begin again

My first sculptural clay piece with wheel-thrown base, fired in my first pit-firing, emerged in tact, with 24k gold leaf addition---in the beginning I was willing to take risks to learn and to discover!

After all the activity of getting things done for the exhibit, there is a lull as if I hadn't planned for the moment after I finally dropped everything off at the gallery.  I had planned.  I kept saying to myself when this is done I will garden, I will go get my hair cut, I will finally pick out clay paint colors for the house, I will read a novel all day long, I will dust, I will, I will, I will.  So what did I do, standing in the middle of an empty studio?  I tied back my hair.   I rolled out some coils.  And started all over again. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

With rabbit ears white

arm placement changed later
surrendering to its story

People's dreams are made out of what they do all day. The same way a dog that runs after rabbits will dream of rabbits. It's what you do that makes your soul, not the other way around.  ~Barbara Kingsolver

ears on and make-up next

with rabbit ears (she listens)
18" x 8" x 5" 
earthenware, multi-fired, terra sigillata, porcelain slip, oxide washes

The intention was to have only one hand up and the other hand hovering just below the black line.  Somehow that face kept saying look at I changed the focus.  Instead of a line of sight zig- zagging its way up to the face, the hands and ears zeroes in on the face right away.  The back has a repeat of the same pattern using five holes. This piece is one of 10 headed to Healdsburg next week for an invitational group show.  I hope no one was expecting pretty from me!

Happy May Day!
( White Rabbit, White Rabbit )

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