Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Working in an Imaginary Studio

quails running down the road towards my house

It took only 30 days from open house to final closing and handing over the keys.  The house even went through a short bidding war.  The buyers were so happy and eager to move in.  We donated some furniture to the botanical gardens pack rat sale and my first Skutt 818 kiln to a newbie potter.  I then wrapped up my vegetable container garden consisting of one "Better Boy" tomato plant and headed north.  We made it safely here, my kilns, my pottery wheel and ceramics.  My buddy "Better" now sits out on the picnic table next to my temporary outdoor studio.

black-tailed deer hanging out by future studio

Building the indoor studio got delayed because the one acre lot next to us came up for sale and we bought it. My thoughts ran into building a tiny home-studio on wheels (no property tax increase.)   Then I realized I really need a proper studio with a solid floor and a sink.  A small wood stove in the corner for those 300 days per year of cool mornings.  The south wall...a garage door with glass so I can roll it up on sunny days or more likely, foggy days.  When it's down the natural light will stream in.

Shirley Poppies glorious in the morning fog

I don't know if I would get any work done.  Maybe it will turn out too perfect.  I won't want to mess it up with clay bits and glaze making. Perhaps working in my imaginary studio is more fun on paper and in the mind.  When all is said and done, all I need is a little space, a work table, a bag of clay and a small kiln.

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