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Elemental Clay

It took a while for me to get back into the studio. Had a lot of things on my mind. Now I only have a few things on my mind. The best thing I found to get me going is just go out to the studio  sit there and stare out the window or clean up a bit. (Because I am a silly & restless soul :)
Next thing I know I am messing with bits of clay. And if I start messing with clay my hands just seem to know what to do.
First a leaf then a eucalyptus pod somehow a wee porcelain butterfly shows up
 there's a slab of earthenware looking so appealing which turns into a base for a bust  then suddenly a clay hand appeared
on and on it went, my hands taking over forcing me to continue
I couldn't stop my hands until it was time for me, that uninspired me, to take over and cover the small makings of the day
thank you I say to the world as I closed the door of my studio and  I walked back home to my first love and to cook us some dinner.

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