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Weighing of Balance, in clay

(This post was written in September.  For some reason it sat around being a Draft.  So I will post it now.  For balance and completion.)

                                   I must find balance somewhere                                    between solitude and communion                                    between retreat and return.
                                  ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

This particular piece came out just as I wanted it, until...It didn't.  Oddness is where many of my pieces end up.  Some are stressed with beauty, others humorous and too endearing. They sit on the shelf waiting for identity, for want and need of insight and completion.  This piece did not use up any contemplation on my part.  It just became who it is, what it is. Some will find it misinformed, even a bit deformed with its heavy, wide brow and counterbalanced with elephantine ears.  

Somehow I could not change what its face is now, marked and pitted, absurdity and harmony all rolled up in a smile.  …

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