Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brushing away into Terra Cotta Days

Nearly done with things for the holiday markets. The last two months have had a roller coaster feeling.  Life decisions.  Lack of movement. Too much movement. Things breaking down and up.  Even my laptop is off to my son's again to replace the keyboard.  I have borrowed Herr's, but mainly use my tablet.  Now the tablet is mischievously uncooperative.  I think it always was, it just showing some attitude now that the laptop is getting a facelift. 

fresh from the kiln--the plain ones will get a layer of glaze
New brushes are dreamy.  Especially good ones.  Gotta love a beautifully made brush loaded with color, it gives such a feeling of lightness and touch. I have an under-fired glazed plate that I practice on.  It helps loosen my wrists so the elegant brush becomes an extension of my fingertips.  I can wipe the stain away and try different things. 


Today it is cloudy and it sprinkled some wet stuff onto my deck.  Such a tease those naughty clouds. It stopped as soon as it started.  It has been an arid year.  The trees are stressed and brood with crackled leaves.  Evergreens shed pine needles as if crying for rain.  Abandoned and twiggy nests, no longer hidden by green foliage, sway in the wind. I can finally see the robin's nest high in the sycamore, no longer a secret abode. I think of pumpkin farms instead of pots or sculptures.  Or a trip to the see the changing colors in the foothills of the Sierra---wedging clay can wait. Day dreaming of mud puddles with wonder and hope.  Rain or no rain, I still love these terra-cotta days filled with leafy madness.

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