listening to the clay

While listening to clay drying, my weekend lazily stretched into Monday.  Yesterday I spent cleaning up my messy studio as Listener with Prayer Cap, peering sideways, remained unimpressed by my efforts.  This piece is no where near dry enough to go into the kiln.

Finally I made up some new terra sigillata.  I make a batch every year or so.  My favorite recipe is Judy Moonelis' terra sigillata recipe:  1500 gr. OM4 ball clay, 500 EPK, 14 cups of water, 7.5 gr. TSP.  It takes 3-4 days for it to layer out---water, clay milk, sludge.  Keep the milk.  Toss the rest.  Listener received several washes of this clay milk.  Listen to the clay dry.  Praying that it dries soon.


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