throwing little lumps of clay

Even though I have several more sculptural pieces I need to finish I  also need to make some jars for the Holiday Market at Pence.  I usually throw very simple shapes that need no foot trimming.  I do not cut off either.  I use masonite type batts which allows some wicking and movement.  To avoid S-cracks,  I make sure I compress the inside bottom.  I check on the jars as they dry.  When the lip of the jar is dry to the touch I flip them over (batt still attached) to dry some more. Appendages are added at this point---before I flip the jar.   Cover loosely with plastic and wait until the jar pops off. It is still leatherhard so I can add engobe or terra sigillata or slip with no problem.  While the jars are drying, I throw the lids.  I center about 5 lbs of clay. From this I make about 5-6 lids.  The last bit becomes a bowl.  The lids are trimmed with its intended jar.  It is a marriage made in clay heaven.  I love little jars or containers or little vases. Little vases can hold pens that write poetry or pencils that sketch a landscape. And the jars, these little intimate containers, are meant to hold surprises. They do hold surprises.  Just think they started off as little lumps of clay.   


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