just beyond a clay shadow

Love the shadow in this photo.  It looks like a squirrel sniffing a flower.  Maybe the inner self of this sculpture.  This piece can almost fit in my hand.  I had to prop the arm and the legs. I wanted to take a photo of it to see looks in the camera's eye.  It gives a different perspective. 

Normally work the body pieces out of a sculpture mix and use porcelain smaller parts.  This time the entire piece is porcelain.  The legs and arms are solid and carved.  The torso and head were coiled-built.  The one porcelain arm was slipped attached and propped to dry slow.  The bit of clay underneath the arm is a sticky clay which will pop off as it dries. 

Working with small pieces has its charms.  It also has some shortcomings.  Smaller pieces are more intimate and momentary.  Like peripheral vision.  Just there in the corner of your eye.  I wanted this piece to just capture a small gesture with many meanings.  To catch a viewer's eye and say, yes, I know that feeling.


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