finding simplicity

photo from blog post January 1, 2011

Carefully thinking about my word for the year 2012.
 As I walked along the beach trying to find my special rock.
Already losing focus on my chosen 2011 word of the year.

 I have a list of words rolling in my head.
 I like the sound of ephemeral. 
It's very transitory, though.  It may not last through a year.

Back in the studio I start to clean.  Out with the old, the broken, the undone.
Save just a song.
Check. Check. Check. Double check.
Clean slate.  Ready.  Get Set............

perhaps this is it
I know this is it
plain and simple

s i m p l i c i t y.


  1. I've done a bit of cleaning I have more to go; seems like it's taking me years to simplify; having yet another yard sale today, to simplify, what do I really need or use.

  2. Hello Linda---Good luck on your yard sale!


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