Clay it

it with a capital T

split between doing a full figure or just finishing the hearts

parts in a plastic box---set aside for later

legs to stand on

poppy seeds for spring garden

nice textual glaze over porcelain slip

flat maquette

this is it...all I've done this month....made some wall hearts.....started some wall figures.....worked on a standing figure...thinking about pottery.....testing glazes....doing some sketches for teapots...wasting time and waiting for the dragon and now it's here....this is it....


  1. Happy New Year Charlene! Love the quote -- that time wasting fills the creative well . . .

  2. Happy Dragon Year, Judy! As soon as I realized that I was wasting time doing something I did not enjoy I began to waste time doing something I did enjoy. The result was renewed energy!

  3. Sometimes I think I do a lot of wasting time, hopefully all my waste comes to fruition. Happy New Year to you Charlene.

  4. Happy New Year, Linda! Here's to wasting time and enjoying it!


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