Tea and Calla Lilies

My calla lilies are blooming.........Teapot two is done.  There's a pattern here.  Teapot three is nearly done.  Even though I have plans for teapot four I must finish two larger pieces going to an invitational exhibit in May.  I keep looking at them, so big and so needy, and know I need to finish them NOW. But the calla lilies are blooming.........


  1. Yes, it's beautiful! I love the expression on her face..kind, yet enigmatic maybe..

    1. Yes, enigmatic. There is something going on in the back of her head. When it is all done I will post a back view!

  2. Just wonderful, she reminds me of when I lived in Vallejo as a child and we had the most wonderful calla lilies there and they kept multiplying and my mom would divide them, pretty soon they were all along the fence line.

  3. Thanks, Linda. They do divide out beautifully. The ones I have started from a single rhizome 40 years ago. Each time I moved I took a few divisions with me. Now I have quite a few and at times divide them out and send them along their way to a new home.


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