Seeking Clarity and a Happy New Year

Here I am.  One day before the New Year.  One day before I walk over the thresh hold into 2013. I have thought about my word for for 2013.  What do I want to concentrate in the year of the Snake? 

2012 Word
For 2012, I chose the word simplicity.  Paring things down to simple forms.  Simple daily rituals.  Uncluttered.  Simplicity is more complicated than the word seems.  It has greater depth than what first appears. Here I am as I said at first, still with no word passed on from simplicity.  Is it because simplicity is covering up my word? Or is it clearly there right before me? 

across the way behind the fog are the Santa Cruz mountains, over which beats the Pacific

From simplicity comes clarity. Clarity. Where did that come from?  I think that's it.  What I have looked for all along.......Clarity...


*In the meanwhile, I updated my two other blogs: knit 1, clay 2 and 1 Simply Home. Wanted to start the New Year with something new on all three blogs. If you knit, I have free to keep those hands busy and warm!


  1. busy and warm for sure. Happy New Year

  2. Hi...I just found you via Linda's blog. I admire you for keeping three blogs going. I can barely manage one.

    Now I get to read your past posts!

    Peace and joy as we step forward into 2013!

  3. Welcome and Happy New Year! May it be filled with clay heart goodness, kiln warm hearth and cobalt blue skies......

  4. Happy New Year, Charlene, I hope 2013 will be a wonderful, creative year for you. Simplicity and clarity..definitely watchwords I would like to try living and working by.

    1. Happy New Year, Mark! Hope that your year is filled with good firings, dancing clay forms and a touch of shino happiness--for as you well know--shino happiness is very potent. A little bit goes a long way..:-)

  5. Clarity borne from simplicity - perfect!
    Something to aspire to.

    Beautiful blue glaze on your teapot.

    Wishing you peace with your clarity and a wonderfully creative year in your beautiful world Charlene :)

    1. Happy New Year, Vicki....may your year filled in with poetry and prose......every day balanced with little treasures of thought, simplicity and of course, clarity...walk in beauty.......


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