Breaking clay rules and wide-eyed wondering

head for twine and fossil
fired once to Cone 04
terra sigillata, oxide stains, underglazes

clay is leather-hard with three layers of white terra sigillata
little hole for metal pin which will help anchor head onto body

hands dangerously far out from body
making it precarious
 in harm's way
 but too dry to fix
head getting bone dry--terra sigillata buffed with an old cloth
features made up with underglazes
hair has a Copper Luster glaze I mixed up
for blush I used crushed up clay body brushed on (like blusher!)
face done-hair next
checking for fit
fresh out of kiln-bisque-fired to cone 04
(looking Minoan)
layering of blue and yellow in the eye came out as a lush shimmering green
after first firing--needs to go back one more time as I need to do the back
and still worried about that hand

Sometimes I get caught up in a moment and forget about the "clay building rules."  The one in particular about appendages and things that stick out.

I really love how far from the body that hand is, but it is in a position to get knocked off.  Fragile. Yet I couldn't find it in me to change it.  Besides with all my indecisiveness, the clay made my decision for me drying fast and bone dry.  So into the kiln it went.  At least now it isn't brittle.  It is vitrified.

What was I thinking--oh, yeah---I liked the way it looks.  I still do.  A ceramic hand away from any supporting, bracing structure.  No buttress, no hidden wires. Not pressed against anything.  There's a feeling of depth, of personal space in that little distance.  Ethereal.  Delicate. Strong, a touch defiant.

I will need to think on this a while.  I will build another body and seriously deal with the depth and supporting structure--without compromising that feeling of space.  And I think I know what to do now.  It just might work. 


  1. I love the green eyes. They are very attractive. It is risk, but it's worth taking, I think! Once a while, we need to make one, which is impossible to post! ; )

    1. Sometimes taking a risk sets in a whole other way of thinking and discoveries, too. While I was thinking about this I came up with several new ways to have the arm out that far and still braced. We'll see...thank you, Midori...

  2. Oh, she is a perfect green-eyed beauty, Charlene!

    Sometimes, breaking the rules yields the best results.

    I look forward to seeing her again. And... she does have a touch of innocent defiance in her eyes I think :)

    1. You make me smile and feel very daring, Vicki. Your words always inspires me. Thank you!

  3. Oh I just love her -- and her defiance - drying before you could fix her -- she looks as if she's waiting on a dance partner.

    1. She does looks like she wants to dance! Thank you, Judy. I think this piece will need a title---Waiting to Dance!


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