Thursday, March 28, 2013

Humming Along

quick brush painting on newsprint

messing around with new batch of slip
messing around some more
back to dipping

Monday, March 25, 2013

Looking close and seeing big

Close up :  Baby blue eyes on the cliff overlooking Pacific Ocean
stood up after taking above photo to see this!
up close:  One of three hummingbirds nesting outside my west window
looking inside the upstairs west window (the beetles illustration by my daughter-in-law, Michele Petherick)

going pussy willow hunting (overgrown over a dirt road)
trimmings in my living room  (upper left: dried ball of mistletoe on branch)

my spring is just this:
a single bamboo shoot
a willow branch

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sketchy Week of Checks and Balances

Last week was a week of checks and balances.
While cleaning the garden I saw that my neglected cymbidium was in full bloom.  Three canes of bobbing flowery faces.  It hadn't bloomed in years.  + Yes!

Then I tweaked my knees picking up that potted orchid.  - Ouch!

The next day, I limped out to the mailbox because I couldn't do much else.  It's usually filled with junk mail.  Not this time.  Just one business size envelope.  A $250.00 check from a gallery.  +Yes!

Not being able to stand long periods put an end to working in clay.  I do most of my clay work standing.  I decided to do some sketches instead.  While taking a picture of this sketch I dropped my camera.  A $250.00 point and shoot camera.  - Ouch!

My knee was feeling better.  + Yes!

While writing a post for 1 Simply Home I thought the house would never get done.  The holdup since fall was the septic tank.  The ground water level was still high.  By Presidents Day weekend it had gone down, but would they put it in during the holiday?  We weren't sure. It was a window of opportunity.  We knew the rains were returning. - Ouch!

We got a phone call yesterday. They had put in the septic over the weekend! And the electicity is in, too!  Jumped for joy...YES!YES!YES!

And with that,  I tweaked my knee again. No worries.

There's a hummingbird nesting just outside my window.  Yes!

last photo taken by my now defunct (dropped) point and shoot camera
done on printer paper and with an  mechanical pencil

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