Ten Minutes of Clay and Play

There are only ten minutes in life of a pear when it is perfect to eat.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back soon.  In the meanwhile check out the Strange and Curious Little Things Gallery up above.  


  1. A good pear is wonderful, but ten minutes, the gallery is really strange and curious.

    1. Lately I have had strange and curious days ;) Thank you for stopping by, Linda.

  2. And oh, what a blissful ten minutes it is, mmm.

    Your deliciously artful pears of course, last much longer, thankfully :)
    Love the delicately painted leaf.

    I am always drawn to curiosities, and your strange, curious little things are very delightful characters, Charlene.

    Like the new look here too BTW :)

    1. Yes, a new look for a new season. I decided it was time to figure out html so I could put the photos where I wanted them. Oh what freedom! Photos stay put next to each other---they all play nice.
      And the pears this year---the edible ones are so buttery sweet---but they do have a small window of heavenly delight and aroma...the farmer's market just got some quinces and chocolate persimmons, too.

    2. Sigh... quinces and persimmon. Ahhh, autumn. Enjoy the delicious bounty of your season, Charlene :)


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