Within Nature, Inner Clay

part of Inner Nature Series

It has been very hectic around here in the last several months.  All of winter it seems.  So many changes, yet some things remain the same.  We had some emergency health issues within the family that now seem resolved.  Herr has retired and he is a very busy person. It is different and distracting to have a person around all the time, chattering at me. Quite an adjustment for both of us!

This Thursday is the opening of Abundant Possibilities: Six Ceramic Sculptors at the Kondos Gallery in Sacramento. 


  1. I so wish I could go along to the “Abundant Possibilities” exhibition.
    Sometimes, I so hate having an ocean barrier...
    Your beautiful creations will be a standout for sure, Charlene.

    There definitely are adjustments to be made when our partners are home for any length of time. I always feel distracted and not quite in my headspace when there is movement in the house and questions that need answering.
    I feel a certain amount of guilt when I say I don't want to be disturbed for a while, but I also know that I can easily be tempted to go out for coffee - and while away precious "making time", if I allow that to happen.
    Because, I am an air sign, and thus, very easily distracted, haha.
    But, I also feel for my hubby and know that he feels a little lost without something constructive to do.
    So, there's compromise on both sides :)

    I LOVE your forest guardian, and that sweet little deer by his side.

    1. Forest guardian...I like that description...I am still debating the deer...it was to go on the head. It was too much. Maybe attached to the torso? I already started on another torso and I plan to have it to hold a deer in one hand.
      I am a water sign. I must appear as if treading water or bobbing for air to my resident software engineer. Hubbie or not, retired or not, I have studio hours that apply to him, too. He does try to tempt me with botanical gardens and coffee. Good thing I find him cute. :)

    2. I kind of like the idea of a deer by the side for one - as if protected by the bulk of, or in the bosom of, the forest guardian. And the other, with a deer in the hand - to me, it represents trust, that a deer would be in an (almost) vulnerable place, yet trusts in it's protector.
      But then, your work will tell you what's best.
      I love to create a narrative of my own when I look at your creations.
      They each have such a rich story to tell :)

    3. You have a way with words, Vicki and I like that you create a narrative of your own. Yes, trust and protection. Those are good words and interpretation. I am attaching the deer to the torso. Next piece, a deer on the hand. Next piece, a deer in a niche. Thank you for your input, I value it very much.

  2. wish I was close by, have a great show.

  3. Charlene - I have missed you! What a beautiful piece and I agree - he/she looks like a forest guardian. I wish I were close enough to go to the opening too.
    My husband works from home a few days a week and the rhythm is definitely different when he's home. I've always taken the weekends off from my studio for family time - so I think it's me that's confused when he's in the house. Takes sheer concentration to stay focused.
    Good luck with the show!

  4. I've missed you! I finally got caught up enough to read your blog and write a little on mine. I love your beautiful paintings and so happy about your upcoming show---which I would go to if I were closer.

    My husband still chats at me when I am deep in thought working in clay. He has a long list of projects now. And I rearranged my studio hours. He is, after all, my love.


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