A Gathering A Sharing and Gifts of Gratitude

"Thanks, gracias,

you travel and return,

you  rise 

and descend.

It is understood, you don't

permeate everything,

but where the word of thanksgiving

appears like a tiny petal,

proud fists hide

and a penny's worth of a smile appears.

~Pablo Neruda, from Odes to Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving



  1. happy thanksgiving to you and yours, this poem reminds me of a small infant with a big unconditional smile

    1. The sweetness of a baby's smile is a wonder and a thankful gift.
      Happy weekend!

  2. Hope you had a happy day of thanks! This is one of my favorite Neruda poems.

    1. We spent the frosty morning hunting for chanterelles and trimming Holly trees to make wreaths. Hope your Thanksgiving was happy, too


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