The Clay is Always Greener when it's wet

Tried list-writing today:

1. make things based on my rambling thoughts
2. query then make
3. fix, mend then re-make
4. keep the clay greener than it is

grass vases for air plants I made while thinking about lawns
We are having wireless problems.  I had to hard-wire my laptop to use it, making it not portable. It is not the modem or the provider.  Just interference.  We were told maybe atmospheric--quasars? star dust?  ions? No, rain.  Rain?  That wet stuff coming out of the clouds? 

frog's eye view of a lotus pond

Rain has changed our hills into a lush chartreuse landscape again.  Verdant.  Vivid.  Velvety plush green.  Last January,  they were brown and we had not a drop of rain.  Not one drop.  Today it is sprinkling with big splashy drops in-between.  Maybe it is the rain interrupting transmissions. Not romantic/scientific as star dust and quasars. Just plain old, wonderfully renewing, Nature.

"The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself."
                               Henry Miller


  1. The vases are so wonderful - but the plants you've chosen - make them even more wonderful.
    Your list - how to capture - 'rambling thoughts' lol
    Rain - so needed - but really - can cause interference??
    Aren't the winter rains normal? And you have been experiencing years of drought?
    Wish I could have a conversation with Henry Miller . . .

    1. Air plants are fun houseplants...just spritz of water---the ultimate drought-neglect tolerant plant and dirt-free! About the only dirt-free thing in my house:)
      As to the rain interference---there's a technical explanation that makes my eyes glaze-over which causes a little eye-rolling :/ As we did set up the router in dryer times, I rotated it a bit and it is better...(Having a programmer, software developer and systems analyst in the family is of no help.) I will not fault the rain. We desperately need it to stay awhile.

      "Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch" Doesn't that title alone want to make you read and breath it all in?


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