All the possibilities of clay and metal

You begin with the possibilities of the material.
Robert Rauschenberg

Still working out the details in the Copper Ears piece.  Since these photos were taken I have changed this piece several times. I was hoping to emboss the copper band with some lettering, but it still wasn't right.  I decided against the birds, bird house and gloves.  I made a porcelain band that has stamped lettering.  I like the possibilities of using the copper ears.  There are ways for me to use some glazes to get a coppery finish, but not the same.  So I trudge on.


  1. Interesting - enjoy hearing about your process. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Have you changed your blog? Looks good!

  2. Hello Judy! This piece is nearly finished, but still fussing with the crown. For some reason I want a crown on her. We'll see ;)


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