Hummingbird's Clay Heart

charlene doiron reinhart
Hummingbird's Heart
14" x 4" x 3"
wall hanging
ceramic, underglazes, glazes, wood (beak)

charlene doiron reinhart
Back in January, I started making these bird-hooded people. The thought came from watching the birds at the feeder.  There are several different kinds of birds that gather around my postage stamp of a backyard.  It always seems that they are gossiping (oh, those naughty doves are making cooing sounds at each other again) or arguing ("hey, this is my roost, beat it!) The scrub jays, regal in their blue and gray, hop about and shout in their native tongue "What's all the racket?"  Then they spend their time searching the yard for a raw delicacy or two called escargot to some.

see post January 26, 2016 click here

Raven's Medicine Spoon (spoon comes out)

There are 12 done. They look good grouped together as though standing on a high wire.  Each hold something precious to them. An ordinary object that speaks without words---an unspoken conversation and relationship with the bearer and viewer.  I didn't spend too much time sorting out details.  Just kept at it until each felt right.  Besides, they are meant to be ironic or sweet or bizarre or thoughtful or silly...a momentary flight of fancy... :)

 Canary's Wish

 “We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
Anais Nin


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    1. Aren't they the craziest? There's a new one---with black thigh-high boots with pointed toes that started out as a sandhill crane. It morphed overnight in the kiln and became a crow :)


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