Summer blues with porcelain eyes

Mono Lake
Morning fog lifts
cloudless sky reveals
summer blues

As per usual for summer, it was a quiet foggy morning which lifted completely by 11 a.m. Today I worked on a face for Globe & Cup.  I have neglected it.  There it stood in the studio with no head.  For days.  Headless and heedless.  Sock Puppet had its head, proudly slipped and stained.  Looking over at Globe with a self-satisfied air, Sock Puppet reminded me that her narrative needs a little help. 

The face is close to finished.  At this point the clay is still too soft for fine tuning.  I will let it set up a little to about a medium leather-hard.  I will then use a fine blade tool to shave and smooth the features.  The eyes were made with some porcelain clay.  Closing up the head comes next.  Once everything is looking as I like then I will brush on a layer of terra sigillata, bluff with a plastic bag and add watery stains.  Globe will get her head on tight and stare back at Sock


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