Bread dough morning

Last night I made no-knead bread dough.  I left it to rise in a ceramic bowl I made years ago.  I think it rises higher in this bowl than in does in the Pyrex bowl I broke.  It certainly proof nicely. Maybe that was why my Pyrex bowl broke.  It had nothing to do with clumsiness!  Fate had it for me to use this dismissed ceramic bowl.  Even though this is a no-knead dough, my clay brain said to knead this wet mess a little.  I love kneading bread dough!


Tonight's dinner will include this loaf of chewy, rustic goodness.  Along with some homemade pasta, mushroom ravioli, I froze last week.  I will chop up tomatoes from the backyard to make a sauce.  Flavored with fresh herbs and olive oil.  Yummy.  Herr Reinhart will practically swoon when he gets home.  He loves the smell of fresh bread which lingers all day long. 



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