Scratching out a narrative

For a long time yesterday morning I sat at my table doodling.  I had covered it with some newsprint and started sketching.  I decided that there were some bits of the sketches I would use and leave the rest to chance.  Once slipped with black engobe that  first scratch is a commitment...a blank sheet of paper waiting for its story.


  1. What fun those are and I like the surprise on the bottom you have done.

  2. Linda--The little surprise helps to end the narrative-in-the-round. I want to give that person who turns over the jar a feeling of discovery.

    Laura--Thank you...

  3. Lovely etched stories. Looking forward to seeing these glazed. -- and happy to be able to leave comments on your wonderful work/blog.

  4. Hello Judy--Happy for your comments...hope to start glazing end of this my studio that's a wild, messy adventure...


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