two openings this week


Bee Puppeteer

Bee Puppeteer was sold over the weekend.  The show opened July 1st.  The reception is July 8.  This piece was started outside in the foggy summer morning.  I had to keep dragging it back and forth.  In and out of the studio.  It was made with a feeling of hope.  The scarf wraps a shaven head and is knotted in the back.  The flowers are stamped clay.  I made a sunflower stamp and impressed balls of very soft clay, 18 altogether.  I wanted the discs to retain the look of stamped clay.  So there is layer of crusty crawling glaze to emphasize the clay texture. It looks like cracked dried mud. There are two rows of discs back to back.  The bee puppet comes off to reveal a white finger (shaded from the sun.)  There is all sorts of texture and layers of underglazes.  I have found the only way I can get rich color is from layering colors and washes.

 Outlandish:  Contemporary Depictions of Nature                                   Plein Hair
This postcard is actually a tri-fold.  I received a pdf from the Bedford Gallery of all three sides.  It isn't very clear.  As a whole, it is a beautiful layout postcard that's exciting and full of information.  It lists all the artists.  Clearly states the proposal of the exhibit and describes how it was curated. 


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