What goes up must come down eventually.....

far right:  Tiffany Bozic -"Traveling Light"

Last weekend for the Outlandish! Contemporary Depictions of  Nature at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek. The blog Electixart has some great images of the entire exhibit.  Lots of work and each pix has artist's name and title.  I feel very honored that I was invited to include my work in this wonderful exhibit.  It is an amazing selection of work by outstanding artists from around the nation. It is so beautifully installed with thoughtful and insightful placement of such a diverse group.  Exotic, fantastic, geometric, eerie, sketchy, morbid, urbane, dreamy, humorous, minimal with a punch, abstract, painterly, interactive are all there.....


  1. Thanks for the link, you're look great and I'll head on over to see more great art.

  2. What a wonderful exhibit - so diverse, but still keeping the Outlandish theme. Your pieces look wonderful as part of the exhibit. It is beautifully installed.

  3. Congratulations on the inclusion of your pieces!! I'm so glad to hear about it and I'm so proud of you!! Love your pieces in the photo!

  4. Hello Linda---Hope you have fun looking at all the different art. This show had a nice, eclectic mix without it being way out there. It had a nice flow and each piece threaded its way to the next.

    Hey there, Judy---The curator, Carrie Lederer, is well known for her thoughtful and beautifully installed exhibits. She's an extraordinary artist, too.

    Thank you, sapphire for your thoughtful compliments. You made my quiet day even sweeter.


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