within a touch of clay

Bee Puppets were on the agenda this week.  An art collector, who now owns Bee Puppeteer, had a mishap.  While in Europe her husband unpacked the piece and unknowingly, tossed out the puppet. So I am making a few to see which one will fit.  I will have to ship them to the gallery.  Cross fingers...........

While working on little bees,  I decided to use some too damp to throw with earthenware to make a wall figure.  It was like finger painting with clay.  It helps to do these smaller pieces.  Although some of the detailing around the face, hands and feet take just as much time as the full size work, the challenge comes in bringing across emotive sensibility and connection in small scale. I can get lost in this little world for hours........
Plus I can go crazy with little tools!  How sweet is that!

(white figure on left getting new arms)

after a couple hours ready to model---stuck to canvas board

something lacking

needs a headdress and bigger bird

head propped with wooden tools

head at wrong angle-cut to reattach--may leave it separated

need to wait to smooth out and refine features 


  1. Really cool to see your process. I find it much more challenging to work small. Yours looks great.

  2. Hello Judy---The best thing about small clay work---it gets into the kiln faster! By next week this piece will have its terra sig and ready to fire.


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