Glaze tests

Porcelain bowl bisqued cone 04.  Inside dipped Chun Lt. Green.  Outside dipped GA23 (Rusty Bronze).  Rim dipped into Chun Lt. Green.  Just very edge.  Anything on top of GA 23 will run.

Porcelain vase dipped in GA 23 (Rusty Bronze)  and center area sprayed with copper carbonate stain.  It has a look of frothing root beer when it pools. 
Beautiful pale blue-green Chun with .1 cobalt carbonate on porcelain. 
 Brush work---Duncan Cobalt Jet Black.  
Red "x"  is Amaco Velvet Bright Red on top of glaze.  
All in cone 6 oxidation.

GA 23-Rusty Bronze Δ6             Pale Blue Green Chun  Δ5-6 ox 

Nepheline syenite     41.8        Soda feldspar (f-4)         38
Gerstley borate       10.4        Silica  (325)               30
EPK kaolin            12.5        Whiting                     14
Whiting               10.4        Zinc Oxide                  12
Lithium carbonate      6.2        Ball clay (OM4)              6
Silica (325)          12.5                                   100
Titantium dioxide      6.2
Add:  3% red iron oxide           Add:  .25%  copper carbonate


  1. Hi Charlene, thanks so much for posting the recipes, the glazes look really interesting. I think I'll try the blue-green chun first, as I have all the ingredients, including a 500g pack of zinc oxide which has been lying unopened in a box for many years!

    1. You're welcome, Mark! Let me know of your results.....

  2. These glazes looks delicious. Love textures and colors very much.
    Good luck to both of you, Charlene and Mark.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, these glazes are luscious when they come out! Next test is for a darker green.


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